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Expert SQL Server Consulting Services

SQL Server DBA Consulting

Could your DBA team use extra help to manage problematic or complicated issues? Are you a small company without in-house IT support? Maybe you just want outside help to lighten the load and handle issues to ensure nothing is overlooked?

Edgewood Solutions can deliver cost-effective SQL Server database administration that keeps your databases functioning smoothly. Our Database Administration services cover everything from SQL Server installation and configuration, to monitoring to backup and restore.

Due to our limited SQL Server expertise, when we hired Edgewood Solutions to setup our new SQL Server, it was critical that we understood what they were doing and why. We now have the server up and running, but more importantly, we have the solid foundation of knowledge necessary to administer and maintain our database into the future.

  Rick Penticoff, Web Developer, Idaho Public Television  

What is SQL Server Database Administration?

Analysis. After understanding your current environment, we deliver a solution customized for your business needs.

Planning. Operational planning, capacity planning, best practices for your organization and more.

Configuration. Hardware, Windows, SQL Server, database and application.

Management. Project management, environment, alerting, operational needs and performance turning.

Communication. Knowledge sharing, documentation, coaching and mentoring of your team.

Edgewood Solutions worked with us to develop requirements and delivered a top-notch plan to implement a database auditing solution in support of our SOX regulatory requirements.

  Cory Case, Manager, Database Engineering, Magellan Health Services  

Why do I need SQL Server Database Administration?

Having an Edgewood Solutions' DBA on site will ensure that your servers are running at optimal levels and your team has the answers they need when they need them. Edgewood provides customized support for any situation:

  • There's no need for a full time DBA, but SQL Server is your core business application and you'd like some additional expertise on particular issues.
  • Project planning always goes by the wayside due to time and resource constraints, so you need someone on hand to get the project going.
  • You need an expert available to resolve current issues or just to bounce ideas off of.
  • You know what needs to be done on your servers but just don't have the resources for adequate support.
  • Your developers need to do their job - develop. And you need someone to focus on SQL Server while they focus on development.

Edgewood Solutions - Real Solutions for Real Problems.

Edgewood's SQL Server services are the perfect chance to have a SQL Server expert on hand to answer all the SQL questions most relevant to your organization - questions you just don't have the time to pursue. With Edgewood as part of the team, you can rest easy knowing you have all the resources and expertise you need.

Ensure your SQL Servers are performing optimally. Contact us today to get started!

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Reach out to Edgewood Solutions to get your SQL Server issue resolved. We don't have sales people, so there's never a "sales pitch".

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