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SQL Performance Tuning Consulting

Your SQL Server may seem to be doing its job, but are you sure it's running optimally? Sluggish transactions, questionable code, blocking and deadlocking could be costing you money and setting you up for disaster.

Something can be done. It's easy for busy IT professionals to assume that they're at the end of the line when it comes to improving performance. But we've proven time and again that when the client thought they were out of options, Edgewood was able to improve their overall SQL Server performance.

Let Edgewood Solutions help you gain peace of mind that your systems are performing at their best.

We have a complex business critical reporting process that must run once a month. Each month the process had been requiring more and more time to complete. We were up to almost 20 hours of disk-crunching processing time and concerned about our ability to complete the process at all in the coming months. To make matters worse, any interruptions at any point caused the entire process to roll back and the whole process had to be restarted from scratch.

Edgewood was asked to take a look at the process and before the next month's run was able to get the entire process to run in less than 30 minutes! And now if the process fails for some reason, if can simply be restarted and it will just pick up where it left off.

Fixing this broken business process wasn't a matter of simply dropping in a couple of obvious indexes. It involved understanding and recoding a convoluted business process that even our subject matter experts didn't completely understand.

  John Riganati, Director, I.T. Operations - VetCentric, Inc.  

Edgewood Solutions helps fulfill our specific DBA needs while our development team focuses on core initiatives. We began our relationship with a 3 day performance tuning audit during which Edgewood delivered an excellent return on investment. We continue to receive high value on a long-term part-time DBA support contract. I've been personally impressed with Edgewood's professionalism, techincal depth and flexiblity providing the right level of service to meet our needs.

  Robert Smith CTO, Xigo  

Do you have these SQL Server performance problems?

  • Deadlocks
  • Locking and blocking
  • Poor query performance
  • Slow queries
  • Incorrect indexes
  • Disk queuing
  • CPU bottlenecks
  • Troublesome SQL Server configurations
  • Problems with memory allocation

If you know you have performance issues but just don't know where to start, contact us today. Our performance tuning experts will determine if the performance issues are from the database design, indexes, T-SQL, SQL Server configurations, hard drive layout, or wherever the problems are hiding.

Why do I need SQL Server performance tuning?

Faster transactions - improved performance - scalability.

  • As transaction time decreases, productivity increases.
  • More time for batch processing, larger window for maintenance, less downtime.
  • Your SQL Server will grow optimally as your business does and be able to take on increased load.

Immediate Return on Investment.

  • By combining Edgewood's SQL Server expertise with the appropriate toolset, we're able to provide a significant Return on Investment.
  • Performance improvements are implemented while still utilizing and extending the capacity of the current hardware.
  • All performance improvements automatically create a more productive user environment.

Ensure your databases are performing optimally with Edgewood Solutions' Performance Tuning Services.

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Reach out to Edgewood Solutions to get your SQL Server issue resolved. We don't have sales people, so there's never a "sales pitch".

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