SQL Server Training Courses

At Edgewood Solutions, we believe in education.  We find a great deal of pride in training SQL Server DBAs and Developers on the portions of the SQL Server engine that they need to master.  We approach SQL Server training a little bit differently than other organizations.  Rather than building a course and finding SQL Server Professionals that are interested in the topics, we customize a training plan for your team.  First, we listen to your training needs.  This would include the topics, skill levels and upcoming plans for the SQL Server environment at your organization.  Based on your requirements, we build a training plan that will help your team the most.  Whether your team is new to SQL Server, transitioning from another platform or looking to upgrade their skills, we have the knowledge and experience to help.

The value of Edgewood's SQL Server Custom Training

At a point in time when training dollars have been slashed, you want your training budget to go as far as possible.  Edgewood Solutions understands that reality and delivers a strong return on invest with each of our SQL Server training courses.  Here is what you are going to love:

  • You pick the curriculum
  • Demonstrations and hands-on labs
  • Training on your technologies
  • Onsite at your offices
  • Your whole team
  • 1 to 5 days of training
  • Valuable training materials
  • Experienced instructors

Edgewood Solutions' custom training provided an excellent value for our money by focusing on the specific needs of our staff and our database. Through a training program tailored to the needs of our staff and database, Edgewood provided us with all of the tools and knowledge we needed to grow and manage our database with confidence.

  Andrew Lucas, Director of Technology, Aereon Solutions  

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SQL Server Custom Training

Edgewood's SQL Server training is 100% custom.  We can mix and match SQL Server topics based on your needs.  It is common to cover multiple topics such as backups, high availability, performance tuning and more in a single week long session.  Below are some of the most popular training topics, but you have the ability to select topics based on your needs.

  • SQL Server 2012 Training
  • SQL Server DBA Training
  • SQL Server Developer Training
  • SQL Server Integration Services Training
  • SQL Server Performance Tuning Training
  • SQL Server Upgrade Training
  • SQL Server 2008 Training
  • SQL Server Mentoring

We also have the ability to provide training on earlier versions of SQL Server.  So if you just inherited a SQL Server 2005 platform and need to get up to speed, we can help you.  Our team has expertise on SQL Server 2012 to SQL Server 6.5 and all versions in between.

How can we help you?

SQL Server 2012 Training Courses

Our SQL Server 2012 courses are tailored to meet your team's passage to SQL Server.  We can assist with upgrading everyone's skills as well as teaching all of the new features in our SQL Server 2012 training classes.  Whether you need to learn about new development or administration features, we can deliver a valuable session to your team. 

Edgewood's SQL Server 2012 classes cover these topics and more to improve your SQL Server development and administration skills:

  • AlwaysOn to improve your disaster recovery and high availability options
  • Contained databases for a nice and neat database
  • Server level roles to enhance your security capabilities
  • Data Quality Services to improve your data
  • FileTable feature to store documents in SQL Server
  • Columstore indexes to improve performance
  • Sequence numbers vs. identity columns
  • Server side paging
  • New functions logical, date, lead, lag, analytical, etc.
  • Error handling with the THROW command
  • New SQL Server Management Studio features
  • New facets and properties for Policy Based Management
  • Upgrade paths and opportunities to streamline the process

As you prepare for SQL Server 2012, schedule a SQL Server 2012 training class to ensure your team is properly trained to leverage the latest SQL Server platform.

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SQL Server DBA Training Class

With the Edgewood custom SQL Server Database Administrator (DBA) training, our goal is to teach the core principals to support the business.  Learn from highly experienced SQL Server DBAs with both production support and development expertise to save hours of time and frustration.  We can customize a SQL Server training course to include one or more of the following topics: 

  • Daily SQL Server monitoring
  • Troubleshooting and escalation
  • Security and auditing
  • Performance monitoring and tuning
  • Code deployment
  • Backup and recovery procedures
  • High availability and disaster recovery
  • SQL Server replication training

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SQL Server Developer Training Course

From a development perspective the Edgewood SQL Server consultants can teach all of the opportunities available in SQL Server to build or enhance your current applications.  To make this a hands on training session we can even build all of the SQL Server components for your application.  Those items include:

  • Architecture
  • Database design
  • Object development (stored procedures, triggers, views, functions)
  • Performance optimization
  • Error handling
  • Testing processes
  • Security implications
  • Production considerations

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SQL Server Integration Services Training Class

Since the days of Data Transformation Services, Edgewood Solutions has helped SQL Server DBAs and Developers alike solve challenging data extraction, transformation and loading issues.  SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) has enabled numerous businesses to leverage data among multiple platforms, partners, data analysts and more in an accurate and efficient manner.  We will teach your team the tools of the trade to benefit the organization to gain insight into previously unavailable data.  In this SQL Server training course we will dive into:

  • Template packages
  • Various data sources
  • Known issues
  • Troubleshooting
  • Error handling
  • Performance considerations
  • Code deployment

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SQL Server Performance Tuning Training

This is one of our most popular SQL Server training courses due to the ever increasing performance requirements.  In this SQL Server training class we teach real world techniques as well as the capabilities of the SQL Server native performance monitoring and tuning tools to ensure you are getting the full potential from your SQL Server investment, including:

  • Process to diagnose and prioritize issues
  • Determine key performance metrics and baseline
  • Profiler and Perfmon data collection
  • Dynamic Management Views (DMVs) data analysis
  • Data correlation and option analysis
  • Testing, validation and final resolution

Hear from a satisfied Edgewood customer

Edgewood Solutions came to our site to do SQL Server performance and tuning training for our IT staff, who had differing levels of SQL Server experience. Not only did they introduce some concepts which we were able to implement immediately, they also left us with a lot of knowledge and resources that have been very valuable to us in our everyday work.

  Sara Oster, Database Administrator, Carleton College  

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SQL Server 2008 Training Course

Inherited a SQL Server 2008 or SQL Server 2008 R2 platform and not sure where to start?  Look no further than Edgewood Solutions to deliver a SQL Server 2008 training course based on the SQL Server features your team needs.  We can cover the SQL Server administration and development technologies that will benefit your team the most. 

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SQL Server Upgrade Training Class

Need assistance upgrading a large number of servers to the latest SQL Server version?  We can help work through the process with your team and train them on the critical steps needed on a broader scale in your environment.  Whether it is a focus on new features, using the upgrade as an opportunity to tidy up security or upgrade the team's skills, we can deliver an information packed session for your team.

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SQL Server Mentoring

Looking for a combination of personal training and real time problem resolution?  We can help your team as well.  We will work through SQL Server issues with you shoulder to shoulder to resolve a single issue or on a weekly basis for a predefined period of time.  Our goal is to enable you to best serve your organization.  Our mentoring services include:

  • An assessment of your team and SQL Server environment
  • Plan to resolve SQL Server issues each day
  • Training, documentation and knowledge transfer
  • Open communication
  • Validation and best practices for your environment

How can we help you?

About the Edgewood Solutions SQL Server Trainers

Check out the Edgewood Solutions SQL Server trainers quick facts:

  • Experience - More than 10 years of SQL Server expertise
  • Expertise - Educating, mentoring and consulting
  • Discipline - SQL Server Administration and Development
  • Publications - Numerous articles and books
  • Presentations - Locally, nationally and online
  • Attendees - From small groups to thousands online
  • Delivery - Onsite at your offices or online

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