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How to convince your boss you need a SQL Server Health Check?

SQL Server issues are impacting the business

Unfortunately it happens-SQL Server can impact the business from an operational and performance perspective.  The underlying root cause can be very different from situation to situation.  But the bottom line is the issues need to be addressed.  If your SQL Servers have been neglected due to budgetary constraints, lack of time for TLC or simply not knowing how to address the needs of the environment, then it is time to turn to a company with expertise on the SQL Server platform. 

Inability to provide answers to SQL Server issues

SQL Server really does not have a mind of its own.  Issues have a cause and realistic solution.  So not being able to provide an answer to the business should be a sign to seek external resources to help identify the issues, determine realistic options, test the alternatives, implement the correction and validate the solution in production.  Turn to an expert SQL Server DBA for assistance and not only reap the benefit of getting your issue resolved, but also learning about SQL Server along the way.

Inability to provide answers to SQL Server issues

Insight needed into the SQL Server environment

Most people have questions about their SQL Servers, applications, T-SQL code, processes, and more.  Are SQL Server best practices being followed properly?  What are the development and operational gaps that need correction?  If you need some insight into your SQL Server environment, then Edgewood's SQL Server Health Check is a good place to get started to smooth operations and confidence from the organization.

No real SQL Server DBA on the team

The reality is that most companies do not have a SQL Server DBA, but have a true need for a professional.  Often times the SQL Server DBA role is piece-mealed together for years by Developers and Network Administrators wearing the hat.  At some point the challenges exceed the skills of the existing team or the existing team is just stretched too thin.  If this happens at your organization, rest assured you can work with the SQL Server Professional Services team at Edgewood Solutions to get back on track with the support you need, when you need it.

Short term SQL Server project with long term benefits

After a SQL Server Health Check from Edgewood Solutions, customers realize the benefits from the engagement for months or years to follow.  Customers have been grateful to find out about their "blind spot" before a major issue occurs.  Simple items like missing backups, initial signs of performance problems and security flaws are all better to know before a major issue occurs.  Just a single security breach can have long term affects on the reputation for your organization.  The financial and time savings from each engagement are significant.

Unbiased review of your SQL Server environment to stop the "finger pointing"

The resolution to most problems is not simple.  It takes a team to resolve the problem.  Unfortunately, all too often "finger pointing" occurs instead of collaboration.  At Edgewood Solutions, our team will work with your team to help address the issues, either as a team member or technical lead for the SQL Server issues.  To begin that relationship and start resolving issues, schedule a SQL Server Health Check.

Valuable SQL Server education for your team

At Edgewood Solutions we believe in education.  As a natural portion of our Health Checks, we educate and share knowledge about aspects of SQL Server that will benefit you.  We have had customers tell us the ad-hoc discussions, code snippets and additional resources are some of the most important aspects of the project.  Edgewood's goal is to help you get on track and educate your team yielding the highest value for each SQL Server Health Check we deliver.

Does Edgewood's SQL Server Health Check sound like something that can help your organization?

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