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SQL Server Health Check Consulting

The Edgewood Solution's SQL Server Health Check is a comprehensive and in-depth review of your platform to ensure you are maximizing your investment. Since 2002 the Edgewood Solutions' DBAs have been trusted by numerous organizations, from the Fortune 100 to small businesses, to analyze and recommend solutions. If you are facing SQL Server issues, learn about how we can help you.

SQL Server Health Check for Management

Having SQL Server issues and being told "nothing can be done"? Has your environment grown rapidly and need a second set of eyes to get back on track? Turn to Edgewood Solutions to dig into the issues and bring resolution to long standing problems. We have worked with numerous customers to turn a problematic platform into the jewel of the organization.

  • Are you concerned your environment is not setup or configured properly?
  • Fearful you are not protected against the latest threats?
  • Want to find out how to save time and money?

Here's how we can help:

  • Meet with you to understand your pain points.
  • Dig deep into your environment to understand the good and the bad.
  • Provide real world proven advice tailored to your team.
  • Speak in terms your team can understand.
  • Educate your team to move forward.
  • Work with your team to resolve the problem.
  • Deliver a no-nonsense report outlining the findings and recommendations.

Our business revolves around our customers daily use of a custom client website which has seen the number of users triple in the past two years. Speed became our number one customer complaint. My search to rectify that lead me to Edgewood Solutions and the results have been substantial. Edgewood’s initial health check led the way for us to become known as having the fastest website in our industry. We continue to work closely with Edgewood as it’s a never ending process. If you are looking for SQL Server help, you will not find a more knowledgeable and professional company.

Rick Sandford, CIO - Victory Solutions Inc.

SQL Server Health Check for Busy Network Admins

Are you the "Jack of All Trades" in the IT department at your organization? Is SQL Server one piece of your infrastructure where you need more insight and assistance? Do you have some "blind spots" where you can use some expert advice to make your life easier? We can help save you time and hours of frustration.

  • Concerned about SQL Server security or lack of it?
  • Not sure where to turn to get real world advice to save you time every day?
  • Wondering what is coming next and how to avoid it?
  • Questioning whether or not best practices are being followed?
  • Failing victim to performance problems without any insight or explanation?
  • Looking for automated and consistent solutions?

Here's how we can help:

  • Assess your SQL Servers to ensure they meet all best practices.
  • Ensure you have the scripts and techniques to rapidly resolve problems.
  • Educate you on aspects of SQL Server you are not familiar with.
  • Save you hours of time and frustration.

Edgewood Solutions continues to be an invaluable technology partner and trusted adviser. They are highly responsive, absolutely dependable, and consistently provide the highest level of SQL Server expertise and insight. They are an integral part of our technology team and a pleasure to work with.

John Riganati, Director, I.T. Operations - VetCentric, Inc.

SQL Server Health Check for Seasoned DBAs/Developers

Are you getting everything out of SQL Server? Do you need another set of eyes to ensure you are following best practices? We can help guide you down the path to have an optimal SQL Server environment.

  • Is the security gap so large you can drive a truck through it?
  • Are the users your performance alerting system?
  • Have code deployment problems resulted in downtime?
  • Does your database design need a tune-up?
  • Are you having issues identifying the root cause of the performance problems?
  • Are you taking advantage of all that SQL Server has to offer?

Here's how we can help:

  • Work with you and independently to understand the root cause issues.
  • Recommend T-SQL coding techniques, indexing, troubleshooting and more.
  • Validate best practices are followed and ensure your environment is operating efficiently.
  • Identify opportunities to leverage new SQL Server features.
  • Prioritized list of recommendations to best help you, your team and your organization.

SQL Server Health Check Offerings

Since 2002 Edgewood Solutions has delivered valuable solutions to numerous customers onsite and remotely. Although no two customers or issues are the same, we have prided ourselves in delivering value to each and every customer. Here is how we can help you:

SQL Server Mini Health Check

The SQL Server Mini Health Check is a scaled down version of our most popular three day offering. We ensure the most critical best practices are followed and offer recommendations to resolve key issues.

  • SQL Server Configurations
    • Server
    • Database
  • Security
  • Key performance metrics
  • Maintenance
  • Backups and restore
  • Failures, errors and troubleshooting

Three Day SQL Server Health Check

The three day SQL Server Health Check is our original and most popular offering. This is a comprehensive and in-depth review of your SQL Server environment by one of our SQL Server DBAs with more than 10 years of experience. Based on your needs we will customize the priorities to address your specific issues. This detailed analysis focuses on your most important issues and results in a prioritized set of recommendations.

  • Operations
    • Server Configurations
      • Hardware, storage, OS
    • SQL Server
      • Server, database, etc.
    • Capacity planning
    • Backup and restore
    • Maintenance
    • High availability
    • Disaster recovery
    • Security
    • Monitoring and alerting
    • Automation
    • Patching and upgrades
    • Industry leading tools
  • Development
    • Database Design
      • Referential integrity
      • Archiving
      • Data types, nulls, defaults, etc.
    • Coding best practices
      • Stored procedures, views, functions, etc.
    • Code deployment
    • Performance
      • Monitoring, tuning, etc.
      • Disk, memory, CPU
      • Poor performing code
    • Indexing
    • Integration Services
  • Education
    • Discuss new functionality and opportunities
    • 1 on 1 explanations
    • Best practices

Three Day SQL Server Health Check + Monthly Support

Beyond the three day SQL Server Health Check many customers want on-going support. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your organization exceed all of it's SQL Server goals.

Not seeing what you had in mind? Looking for a more customized option? Contact us today and we can build a customized solution to meet your needs.

Hear from satisfied Edgewood customers...

Thank you very much Edgewood for our SQL Server Health Check. These are great recommendations and further readings that we probably wouldn't have known to look at otherwise.

Zak @ TicketNetwork

ISO Group has been successfully utilizing the services of Edgewood Solutions for the past 3 years. The results of Edgewood’s services have been consistently professional and overwhelmingly positive; so much so, that I have built their services into our yearly budget. Edgewood is an unmatched resource when it comes to SQL Server Database maintenance and support.

Mike Gibson, Vice President of Technology - ISO Group Inc.

Edgewood Solutions has worked tirelessly to help RDI through a challenging period. Hats off to the entire Edgewood team for a job well done.

Richard Stovall, Vice President - Research Data Inc.

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