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Expert SQL Server Consulting Services

SQL Server Development Consulting

Edgewood Builds High Performance SQL Applications.

Define. Edgewood works with you to define your business and industry needs

Design. We architect a solution that's easy to maintain and build upon when your business and applications change

Develop. Edgewood's knowledge of SQL Server technologies ensures a high performance SQL Server application:

  • Data modeling and indexing
  • Relational object development (e.g. stored procedures, functions, views)
  • BI development (Integration Services, Reporting Services, Power BI, etc.)

Dissect. We will deploy the database in a test environment to identify functional, performance and security issues before they become a production problem

Deploy. Package the solution for deployment with accompanying documentation

Keys to SQL Server Database Development Consulting

Our team had the fundamental design and prototype for a new production operations database using SQL Server, but we didn't have the resources to implement it. We chose Edgewood Solutions because of their local presence, SQL Server expertise and strong record of client successes. Their experience and expertise was immediately apparent and thanks to their help, we got our SQL Server system developed and running in record time.

  Peter H. Baumann, Director of IT, Environmental Power Corporation/Microgy, Inc.  

Why do I need a SQL Server Development Consultant?

We can help solve existing database problems, or create new business opportunities for you. Edgewood Solutions database development team specializes in SQL Server designs, giving you a robust system with future scalability.

With the Edgewood team you'll experience:

  • Edgewood's knowledgeable consultants and extensive project management experience to fully leverage the latest SQL Server technologies
  • Team mentoring as we work shoulder-to-shoulder with your team to build the application
  • Code reviews that ensure the application will meet the overall needs
  • Templates and best practices that contribute to the solution today and in the future
  • A streamlined development process as Edgewood bridges the gap between technology and business
  • A savings of both time and money over the life of the project

We have a complex business critical reporting process that must run once a month. Each month the process had been requiring more and more time to complete. We were up to almost 20 hours of disk-crunching processing time and concerned about our ability to complete the process at all in the coming months. To make matters worse, any interruptions at any point caused the entire process to roll back and the whole process had to be restarted from scratch.

Edgewood was asked to take a look at the process and before the next month's run was able to get the entire process to run in less than 30 minutes! And now if the process fails for some reason, if can simply be restarted and it will just pick up where it left off.

Fixing this broken business process wasn't a matter of simply dropping in a couple of obvious indexes. It involved understanding and recoding a convoluted business process that even our subject matter experts didn't completely understand.

  John Riganati, Director, I.T. Operations - VetCentric, Inc.  

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Reach out to Edgewood Solutions to get your SQL Server issue resolved. We don't have sales people, so there's never a "sales pitch".

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