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SQL Server Health Check Myths Debunked

Anybody can do a SQL Server Health Check

Think again.  At Edgewood Solutions, we have been delivering technical and business value with all of our SQL Server Health Checks.  Each SQL Server Health Check is customized to meet the business and technical teams' needs.  Our process is based on a solidified process balanced with valuable education for your team.  Since 2002 we have helped numerous customers and plan on assisting many more well into the future.

A SQL Server Health Check is the same checklist all consulting companies use

That is not true at Edgewood Solutions.  We have built a strong foundation for our SQL Server Health Checks and are constantly revising our process.  We listen to our customers and determine the critical portions of the Health Check that will yield the highest value.  We go further to listen to you and your needs balanced with the SQL Server issues we observe. 

At Edgewood Solutions, no two of our SQL Server Health Check reports are the same.  We give customers the opportunity to outline their needs when we start and they have full control to shape the process.  We also have a standardized process we are constantly improving to bring light to the root cause of SQL Server performance, security, stability, etc. issues.

SQL Server Health Check Myths Debunked

All SQL Server consulting companies deliver the same results

False.  The value for the SQL Server Health Check is not measured in the number of recommendations or length of the report.  It is the resolution to your issues and your team's education.  We set aside time to educate your team.  Most often it is a casual conversation to answer questions followed up by jumping into SQL Server Management Studio.  Many times the value for the IT team is this ad-hoc time spent answering long standing questions.  These discussions typically result in saving hours of frustration.

Since all SQL Server Health Checks are the same, then "the cheaper, the better"

Wrong.  At Edgewood Solutions we value education.  Our Health Checks are not just a valuable set of deliverables, but also an opportunity for us to educate your team.  Further, our deliverable is not just a report, we include scripts, processes, recommended reading and more.  Our goal is to help your team move in the right direction, and we are able to do this based on our extensive SQL Server experience. 

SQL Server Health Check Reports are full of counters, "tech jargon" and "mumbo jumbo"

Not even close.  Our reports are catered for the team based on their knowledge.  We tailor our deliverables based on your needs.  Although we do include a number of core Windows, SQL Server, hardware, etc. metrics, our recommendations are based on reviewing a number of indicators to arrive at a recommendation.  Individual counters are only as valuable as the SQL Server Professional assisting you to understand and correctly correlate them.

All you get in a SQL Server Health Check is a report that is outdated the second it is delivered

Incorrect.  The Edgewood Solutions SQL Server Health Check reports outline all of the findings from the three day session with practical recommendations to solve your problems.  We take it a step further and outline the recommendations in priority order based on your goals.  We do our best to guide you down the path of resolving your core SQL Server issues.

Once the SQL Server Health Check is over, don't expect any help

No.  The Edgewood Solutions SQL Server Health Check is an assessment and the deliverables are intended to help guide your team to resolve the issues.  If you need additional resources to address your needs, we will roll-up our sleeves and work with you directly to design, build, test and implement the appropriate solution.

SQL Server Health Checks have no business value

You are sadly mistaken.  Of all the myths listed in this article, this is probably the one that bothers the Edgewood Solutions team the most.  We know poor performance lends itself to disgruntled users and loss of confidence in the application and IT department.  We have listened on calls with customer service representatives and have heard the sighs from the customers as they are asked to be patient while the application loads.  SQL Server operational, development, performance, security and more issues, translate into real impacts to the organization.

Based on our experience, we listen to your needs, analyze your environment and then determine an appropriate solution based on your version of SQL Server, future plans, team's skills, and more.  Just spouting off some best practices is not our goal.  We work hard to solve your SQL Server problems that will directly impact the business.

Contact Edgewood Solutions to resolve your critical SQL Server issues. Schedule a SQL Server Health Check today and benefit tomorrow.

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