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SQL Server Performance Tuning Mistakes

Don’t think you are the only one with SQL problems

The reality is SQL Server based applications have performance issues. The root cause is different in many circumstances. Sometimes it is the disk subsystem or hardware related. Other times it is code. Here is where Edgewood Solutions SQL Server DBAs can help. We can review your environment, understand how your business works and correct the performance problems to enable your organization to meet its goals.

Don’t wait to call a SQL Consultant until there is a problem

SQL Servers are constantly changing, so performance problems may be perceived as a situation that just popped up. The reality is they are like a pot of water trying to boil. Water does not boil over the pot and cause a mess immediately, but it will happen if you are not paying attention. Generally speaking there are signs that performance problems are looming. Those “unexplainable” slowdowns can be researched and corrected before there is an emergency.

Making a mistake and not calling Edgewood Solutions

Don’t ignore a SQL Server Performance Tuning problem

Maybe you have inconsistent blocking or times when performance degrades. The users have come to accept it resulting in a loss in confidence in the IT team. This should not be the case in any organization. Treat intermittent performance problems as an early warn sign. When they start occurring, it is time to dig in before an emergency arises and there is direct revenue impact to the business.

Don’t neglect monitoring SQL Server

Monitoring should not be reserved for a fire alarm event.  Be sure to monitor SQL Server 24x7 whether you have an Edgewood Solutions DBA build a custom set of scripts for you or you use a third party tool.  The monitoring cannot only give you insight into issues that occurred, but also provide general trending to give you the opportunity to plan for more hardware or understand the impact to the business when a particular process runs.  As you setup a monitoring process be sure to have a solid baseline in order to really understand the severity of an issue as a performance problem is reported.

Don't forget that  SQL Server can use some TLC

SQL Server database maintenance, service packs and application updates should be regularly scheduled.  Just as you maintain your car and household items, don't neglect your SQL Servers.  If you expect SQL Server to be a fine tuned machine, then you need to treat it as one and be sure it is properly maintained from the hardware to the application layer.  All too often maintenance is considered a chore and falls between the cracks with demanding business needs.  If you have visited your auto mechanic lately and not executed any SQL Server maintenance, odds are your SQL Server's can use a little TLC.

Don't rush through testing before every release

It takes a special professional to thoroughly test an application from a functional and performance perspective.  So be sure to not rush the team that can prevent an "all hands on deck" emergency.  Rather include testing time in all of your project plans.  The time needed for proper functional, regression and load testing could vary widely based on the code being released. So be sure to have your testing team involved in the planning for the code deployment to allow sufficient time to proactively prevent problems.

How can Edgewood Solutions help me?

From start to finish, the Edgewood SQL Server DBAs can help you achieve your SQL Server goals and avoid costly mistakes.  We can help with ensuring your requirements are complete, working through the design, development and testing efforts either independently or with your team and ensure your production applications are fine tuned machines capable of supporting your business needs.  Turn to Edgewood Solutions to address your SQL Server needs today, tomorrow and well into the future.  Contact us today.

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