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The Value of Custom SQL Server Training

There are several places where you can get SQL Server training, such as online classes, training centers, community colleges, etc..., but the one thing all of these training facilities provide is a set curriculum designed to teach you from start to finish based on the course syllabus.  In some cases these canned training options may meet your needs especially if you are brand new to a subject area, but for most SQL Server professionals they have already worked with SQL Server for some time and now have a need to get some deeper understanding of one or more areas within SQL Server.  For these individuals, sitting in a pre-defined class they may get some value and learn a few new things, but how of much of their time is wasted covering material that they are already familiar with.  So in addition to paying for the class you are also paying for missed work to sit in on subject matter that adds little to no value.

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SQL Server Training Should Meet Your Needs

This is where custom training comes in.  At Edgewood Solutions we believe that each training class should be unique in the sense that it covers the needs of the class participants versus the needs of the trainer getting through a set curriculum.  Although the topics may be the same, with custom training you have the advantage to pick and choose which topics to cover, the amount of time spent on these topics and also the order that these items are presented.  Even though we offer this flexibility, we ensure that the foundation is set from one topic to the next to provide the cohesiveness that is required.

What SQL Server Topics Are Covered

The topics that we cover are the same topics that are covered in other classes such as performance tuning, backup and recovery, SQL development, database monitoring, etc...  Before we put together a syllabus for your custom designed class, we spend time with you to understand your needs, the level of understanding of the attendees and the topics that you want to cover.  From there we layout an agenda that matches your needs and we add any items that we feel will add value to the participants.

How to Get Started

SQL Server custom training is comparable in cost to canned training classes. Just because we customize the agenda to match your needs versus the trainers doesn't mean it needs to cost more. Next time you need training think about the value of custom SQL Server training.  Take some time to learn more about Edgewood's custom training options

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